About Us

We thanks for being on this side of the page and we feel proud to present what is our journey and our aim in this business is. It will be a pleasure to take you down through our journey.

The name ECLIMBER evolves from the combination of Word E & Climber. Where E represents – Energy & Efficiency

Our journey started in 2004 with taking up a different challenges & different roles of Business. It has given an opportunity in all this year understanding different steps of Business and its impact in Sales, Service, Maintenance, Finance, Manpower Management, Understand & Experiencing New technology. During these 15 years of journey it has given us so many Life Learning lessons to grow strong and rich in knowledge and experience.

It was fascinating to incorporate Eclimber in 2018 as it was time to bring the product & service in different way for you. We combine technical skill of 15 years and creativity of service for you and promise every year to enhance, innovate, strengthen up and give best products to you in coming future.

We want to earn you as a valuable customer rather than bought for us. We are obsessively passionate about it. We work what is best and believe it. We continue to be transparent and bring clear understanding for you.
We are pleased to be a part of US Battery who started its history of excellence in 1926 which is exactly the 90+ year’s old pioneer company in manufacturing Deep Cycle Battery and power solutions for wide range of applications and industries’. US Battery has always insisted on manufacturing batteries with high quality, high reliability and long service life.

It is proud to bring this old technology in India for you and we are quite sure that you will like to have more of this technology on your every application
We are combing not only the products but also the service to help you and deliver a complete solution and you can concentrate on your core competencies. The addition of US Battery with Services of Maintenance, Installation, Life cycle status of your battery, Rental for battery and Chargers for your Peak Season requirement, Save huge investment are few of the options we are offering you in our Business mix and will be always on improvement so that every time you visit us will find more better product and service from us.

The story of you & we starts there is no “SHORTCUT FOR VICTORY”