Battery Rental

At Eclimber we make it simple to have the market-leading products, whether it be high energy-efficient chargers or high quality, high capacity batteries to keep all your equipment at optimal performance.

With the Eclimber Battery packages, you can maximize efficiencies, reduce health and safety risks to your company by letting us take the strain.

We can offer complete batteries in plastic-coated corrosion-free containers to suit every type of equipment on the market, we can offer battery and charger packages or just chargers, there are many possibilities. At Eclimber we take away the exposure to high capital outlay, increasing your cash flow to invest directly at the heart of your business.

Benefits of using our Battery Rental Scheme

  • Battery / charger package as required by application
  • Fleet application monitoring system
  • Battery watering as required (water included)
  • Agreed reports on battery / charger fleet condition
  • Covers any size fleet
  • Fixed weekly / monthly fee
  • Priority Service Call Out

Reduce your weekly cost with Eclimber battery rental. Why buy when you can rent for as little as Rs. 500 per week?


At Eclimber we are able to offer bespoke rental packages. So whether you are looking for a long term solution or extra power during peak periods such as temporary operational peaks, then we can help. We can supply a range of battery rental options from AWP through to cleaning machines. Many of these are available in stock with quick delivery from our warehouses. We can also rent chargers and accessories depending on your requirements.


We provide our customers with specialist on-site industrial battery advice, a wide choice of industrial power storage products and a single source for battery installation, maintenance and repair.